Employee Engagement | William Kahn

Following William's 1990 paper "Psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work" an entire industry was created called Employee Engagement.

Death & Happiness | Tracey Smith-Atkins, Robert Black & Alex Rowlands

A discussion about what it's like to work in a job where death is part of the employee experience from the perspective of a CEO, HR professional and technology evangelist. Listen to find out what we can learn from this sector.

Entrepreneurship in Space | Bianca Cefalo

Bianca Cefalo of Space DOTS sits down with Matthew Phelan to discuss entrepreneurship, happiness and new space. Bianca discusses her career, organisational culture, the founders and what it is like to be an entrepreneur in the space industry.

Happiness in Space | Melissa Thorpe

Melissa Thorpe is the inspirational Head of Spaceport Cornwall. Sitting down with Matt Phelan, she discusses her career, leadership tips, kindness and success. Listen for advice on rising to the top whilst being an empathetic leader.

Employee Happiness | Njabulo Mashigo

Executive HR Director, Njabulo Mashigo sits down with Matt Phelan to discuss everything from employee happiness through to how to build a successful career in HR. Listen to Njabulo's career learnings and useful tips for someone starting a career in HR.

The Future of Work | Dan Sodergren

Joining Matt Phelan, Dan Sodergren shares his views on the future of work and his positive outlook on how we can all move towards a world where we love the work we do.

A Career in HR | Ben RainforthGott

Matt Phelan sits down with Ben RainforthGott, a Strategic Group HR Director with extensive international HR & business transformation experience. Ben shares his wonderful story and life lessons - A must listen for all HR professionals.

Leadership & Feedback | Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson Founding Director of The Flockist discusses her mission to rebrand leadership. Karen is talented in helping people find their voice in the workplace and make a difference without compromising on values or falling over with stress.

Leadership is a Behaviour | Steve Rush

Leadership expert Steve Rush and Matt Phelan sit down to discuss leadership. Steve helps people and teams explore new ways of working, new behaviours and processes through learning by unlocking their AH-HA moments. Listen to Steve's thoughts on leadership.

Ending Career Based Misery | Andrew MacAskill

Andrew discusses his mission to end career based misery. Andrew talks openly about getting fired and how it was the best thing that happened to him. Matt and Andrew discuss tips for your career and how you can become happy in both your career and life.

Owning Your Career & Being Yourself | Fiona McDonnell

Fiona's new book 'Two Mirrors and a Cheetah: Think Differently, Own Your Career & Succeed by Being Yourself' will help you challenge the assumptions and choices that hold you back, inspiring you to find real career fulfilment just by being yourself.

HR Debt & Unlocking Hyper Growth | Steven Bianchi

Chief People officer Steven Bianchi discusses the concept of HR debt in high growth businesses. Covering topics such as the difference between scaling and growing, how money changes culture and how to deal with with hyper growth - this is a must listen!




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