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An 11 Year Old Entrepreneur | Femi & Grace Owolade-Coombes

Starting his business journey at 11 years old Femi is now a veteran of the tech world. We discuss everything from their mother-son partnership to dealing with Tourettes Syndrome and building an inclusive culture.

Employee Voice | Emily Franklin

Matt Phelan and Emily Franklin discuss Employee Voice and the importance of listening to your people. Emily also enlightens us on why she got involved in the poeple space in the first place as well as the improtance of sharing stories.

Too Emotional? | Anne Hsu

In this episode Matt and Anne discuss emotions at work and why they are so important. Covering topics such as what emotions are exactly, why emotional is associated with unprofessional and how we should talk about and engage with emotions in the workplace.

Design For Life | Leslie Fountain

Matt Phelan interviews UX expert Leslie Fountain on everything from design, leadership, UX, motivation and designing for human life.

Product Dev at Hubspot | Dylan Sellberg

Product Manager Dylan Sellberg discusses the human side of building tech. I invited Dylan after reading his tweet "My favourite part about building product is that I can be told my work is "unstoppably great" and "the 667th layer of hell" in the same day".

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