We work with over 100 unique customers
who share the same passion as us… to put happiness at the centre of their organisations.

We have a strong global footprint, with offices in New York, London & Shanghai, as well as enjoying three global partnerships that take us all the way from Dublin to Chile and beyond.

We are also 100% privately owned. This means we’re not governed by any form of private equity, venture capitalist or investment fund, allowing us to make decisions based on the long-term health of the business – not the short-term sales targets.


The Happiness Index is made up of unique talents including business experts, data scientists, organisational psychologists, developers, product designers and generally lovely people, who are all driven by the same passion – to make the working world a happier, healthier place to be.

We believe that by listening, understanding and actioning feedback, organisations of all kinds create a better work-culture, improve staff retention and become more successful – both inside and outside the workplace.

Freedom To Be Human

Organisations that succeed will enable their people to feel like a human… not a number!

  1. They are treated like humans
  2. They are given a voice
  3. They can be true to themselves


M&C Saatchi
Emily Hawkins |Group HR Director

“We recently partnered with The Happiness Index to use their platform to see how employees are feeling. The insight it has given us has been so valuable. We have managed to address a lot of the concerns raised by quickly implementing new policies and adjusting communications.”


The Happiness Index passionately believes in your Freedom To Be Human. We believe it will ultimately lead to greater happiness.

We don’t want our values to simply be displayed on the wall of our office. We want our people and customers alike to embody them and carry them into their everyday work tasks and relationships. We recognise that this means something different for everyone but for us, it translates to the following values:


Trusting everyone to deliver and empowering people to make decisions in all areas of their work. This also means candidly admitting mistakes and holding ourselves (and others) accountable. We offer guidance and support to help each other learn.


We embrace change and innovation in all aspects of our work. We encourage people to experiment and make mistakes sometimes. Our team is curious and likes seeking out new methods. We are always challenging boundaries where we can.


Building relationships by listening and empathising is key. Focusing on delivering great results for colleagues and customers, we collaborate and embrace feedback at all levels. We like being, (and working with) decent human beings.

In short – we strive to work hard, have fun and be nice!

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