We provide employee engagement surveys and solutions to help you identify focus areas, boost retention and create a happier workplace

We want to be your human insights partner! By combining academic research with real-time data we fully understand the global drivers behind happiness and engagement. We create human-led organisations with a thriving culture, so our customers never compromise between work and happiness.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers leading to better business. We have the tools and insights to visualise the evolving cultural health of your organisation


But it’s not just flimflam and wahoo – we provide data-driven, scientific and evidence-based results – so you can create rapid actionable plans to increase employee and customer engagement and therefore, create a healthier, happier business.

Here’s some happy client case studies to show the power of our ‘human-first’ approach to business:

We give people a voice using some amazing technology – combined with some even more amazing people. And as everyone is unique, we have a different approach for different types of business…



Our technology is easy to use, self-managed and listens to your people, be it employees, customers or partners.


2. Humans

Our people-insights team and data scientists will help interpret that data into actionable plans you can act upon.


3.Best of Both

Our strategic team will work with you hand-in-hand to help implement our findings and drive positive change throughout your organisation.


The Result:

You become a human-led organisation that puts happiness at the very heart of its business.


We compiled our own global happiness study.

Here’s a breakdown of the top-5 factors that make humans happy at work:

spreading happiness Globally


We have helped hundreds of businesses increase performance through effective listening.

We believe everyone has the right to provide their feedback in their own way, and we work with our customers to ensure language, location and connectivity are not a barrier.

Chat to us about how we can help you tailor a solution that suits your global team or find out more below.

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