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From HR to CEO with Clive Hyland

Clive Hyland discusses his career from COO to CEO through to neuroscience at The Happiness Index.

Clive grew up in a working class family in Wales where his family instilled in him the importance of hard work. Clive discusses how he turned his interest in human behaviour into his current career in neuroscience. Clive is an advisor, shareholder and head of Neuroscience at The Happiness Index.

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A career in creativity with Pat Fahy

Pat Fahy discusses growing up in care, his career as a creative director and entrepreneurship.

Pat discusses growing up in care, his creative career, entrepreneurship, suicide at work and the business world. Pat gives advice to others in their career and also talks about his career low, highest career moment and what he has learnt. We discuss company culture and how important it is to build a thriving culture at work. 

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Storytelling with Nadine Furlong

Nadine Furlong on her career in TV, story, casting and how that led to her Co Founding Ugly Features.

Nadine Furlong has worked on shows such as Made in Chelsea, Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity. She discusses the culture of working in TV, casting and the importance of storytelling. We talk about how she uses her skills of storytelling and casting to help companies tell their story via their employees.

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Working in the luxury fashion industry with Robyn Blake

Robyn Blake the luxury brand and retail expert discusses her career working in digital marketing.

Robyn discusses her early career vision, her mother’s passion, and her thoughts behind company culture, data and brand. We talk about the companies she has worked for such as Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges and Marks and Spencer. Robyn also discusses how leaders such as Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Jauncey shape the culture of where you work.

This is a great podcast for anyone who has ever been underestimated in their career or for someone who is just starting out.

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Wellbeing with Isobel Cripps

Isobel Cripps discusses her career working with Humans on their mind, body, wellbeing & performance. . 

Matt Phelan interviews Isobel during mental health awareness week on growing up in London, her career in wellbeing, performance at work and advice on how to be a great human.

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From big data to people-centric brands with Brandon James

From big data to people-centric brands with Brandon James

Brandon James the Brand Marketing expert discusses his move from working in the USA, UK & Japan.

We cover subjects including marketing, HR, Big data, the future of work and career advice from Brandon. Brandon discusses the big challenges in his life and gives advice to others facing tough times in their career. We also discuss the different work cultures in different companies.

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Human-centred design with Gareth Dunlop

Gareth Dunlop discusses growing up in Belfast during the troubles and his entrepreneurial journey.

Gareth discusses growing up in Belfast, human centred design and his career advice. Gareth runs and owns one of the world’s leading UX companies.

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Willpower workplace psychology

Mental fitness with Jana Dowling

Jana Dowling CEO & Founder of mental fitness brand Arkeo

Matt and Jana discuss Jana’s Arkeo story. Subjects include mental health, mental fitness, tech startup, bi-polar, investment, and what companies can do to help mental health and mental fitness.

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working independently and collaboratively out of office

A career in Sports marketing with Oren Bowman

Oren Bowman on his marketing career from Chelsea FC to Saracens Rugby club.

Oren and Matt spend Valentines morning discussing marketing, advice for people starting their career, interview tips, the importance of company culture, happiness, sport, homophobia, anti semitism, entrepreneurship, finding love at work. Oren shares some amazing insights that I we hope will help your career.

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