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Erica Mackay | Office Manager


We wanted to do our bit to help keep people connected during this period… So we launched 4 new FREE surveys in response to Covid-19 to continue helping organisations listen to their people.

Employee Voice 24/7 Pre-Built Survey Icon

EMPLOYEE VOICE 24/7 – Enable your people to feedback on how they’re feeling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Return to Work Survey

RETURN TO WORK – Understand how your people are feeling about their return to the workplace & what they’d like work to look like in the future

Wellbeing Survey Covid-19

WELLBEING DURING COVID-19 – Assess the current wellbeing of your people

Remote Work During Covid-19 Survey

REMOTE WORKING DURING COVID-19 Understand how your people are coping with remote working 

PRE-BUILT surveys

On top of this, we also have our Pre-Built Surveys that help businesses to create positive change, understand their people and continuously improve business.

Built by our team of Neuroscience experts, we created each survey based on customer demand and analysis of the 5 million data points we’ve gathered from respondents by our team of data scientists. Our Pre-built Surveys cover a broad range of topics that affect every organisation.

Our surveys are typically used by organisations that are looking for tried and tested solutions which can be benchmarked. Our experience and expertise have been used to create surveys that help organisations innovate all aspects of their business.


  • HTML Response templates – employee anonymity
  • Secure and personal sending mechanisms – email, SMS, WhatsApp, kiosk and voice
  • Customised template – colour scheme, Logo, Survey title
  • We support multiple Language
  • Real-time Dashboard – Number of responses, % favourable, avg. rating, score distribution, internal benchmark, sentiment analysis: word cloud & themes
  • Real-time downloadable reports – Team-based reports, comparison reports, in-depth reports


Our customer success team will work with you to understand your culture and business pain points – in order to determine the best service(s) for you. They’ll also help with onboarding, set-up, data collection & validation to ensure a smooth process. See our various cultural areas and surveys below:

The Happiness Index

Remote Work
Diversity, Inclusion
& Belonging
Customer Voice 24/7
Values Index

Mergers & Acquisitions
Employee Voice 24/7
Return to Work
Wellbeing During Covid-19
Remote Working During Covid-19


Understand your people: 

  • Listening gives leadership teams a heightened sense of what is important to their teams and can help ensure their communications are well-timed and relevant to the audience.
  • The data is collected and then summarised in real-time via simple dashboards that help your leadership team understand how their people are feeling during this period of turmoil.


  • Every survey has its own standardised report and online dashboard which provides a range of data visualisations and benchmark comparisons to create the insight you need for your business and your people to thrive.
  • All reports are downloadable which ensures it’s easy to share insights with others in your business.

Scientific questions:

  • The questions have been crafted by our team of neuroscientists, business consultants and data scientists to ensure you get rich insights. 
  • Every survey is optimised to provide the maximum amount of insight from the fewest questions possible. We’re huge advocates of quality over quantity! This ensures it’s quicker for your staff to provide feedback and it’s easier for you to measure everything.


Our technology analyses, trends and organises the insights into various charts and graphs – so you can create meaningful action plans. We use a mix of sentiment analysis and AI-driven cloud maps to visually display the data in a quick and easy way to understand.

Employee Voice 24/7 dashboard trends and analytics
Voice 24/7 Word Cloud Analytics

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