We have years of experience and millions of data points which help us create the most effective surveys for you and your people!

We wanted to do our bit to help keep people connected during this period… So we decided to offer everyone the opportunity to use our Pre-built surveys FOR FREE for 6 months!

We created each module based on customer demand and analysis of the 3 million data points we’ve gathered from respondents by our team of data scientists. Our modules cover a broad range of topics that affect every organisation.


The questions have been crafted by our team of workplace psychologists, business consultants and data scientists to ensure you get the best quality surveys possible. The questions are designed to be neutral as we remove positive or negative bias.

Each module has been optimised to provide the maximum amount of insight from the fewest questions possible. We’re huge advocates of quality over quantity! This ensures it’s quicker for your staff to provide feedback and its easier for you to measure everything.

Every module has its own standardised report and online dashboard which provides a range of data visualisations and benchmark comparisons to create the insight you need for your business and your people to thrive.

Each report is automatically generated – meaning you can spend more time on delivering actions whilst we focus on the analysis and reporting. The reports have been designed to be visually appealing including a range of charts, graphs, word clouds and many more… this ensures anyone can interpret the data and make empathetic action plans. Not just data scientists!

All reports are downloadable which ensures it’s easy to share insights with others in your business so they can inspire and enthuse their teams.


Which pre-built survey is for me?

Our pre-built surveys are typically used by organisations that are looking for tried and tested solutions which can be benchmarked. Our experience and expertise have been used to create modules on:

Our customer success team will work with you to understand your culture and business pain points – in order to determine the best module(s) for you. They’ll also help with onboarding, set-up, data collection & validation to ensure a smooth process. Our comms team will assist with a communications and launch strategy to help build up excitement and understanding for the project.

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