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Freedom To Be Happy: The Business Case for Happiness explores the association between individual happiness and group performance at work. The book introduces happiness philosophers, reviews the evidence and interviews practitioners on the front line that are building thriving work cultures.

The book uses data, neuroscience, quantum physics, academic research in a really accessible, unique, fun, and human way.

Subjects include money & happiness, motivation, happiness, HR, marketing, employee happiness, happiness philosophy, the Stoics, the history of happiness, employee engagement, diversity & inclusion, equality and the future of work.

Research interviews for this book are live on The Happiness and Humans podcast. The objective of this book is to empower the reader to make a very strong case that the happiness of human beings is a very serious business metric.

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Now available in Waterstones and Blackwell’s:

Blackwell’s Bookshops and Waterstones are now stocking MatthewPhelan’s (Our Head of Global Happiness) Book! #FreedomToBeHappy: The Business Case for Happiness.


Freedom to be Happy! Bringing together the worlds leading minds on happiness at work. Matt Phelan delivers a 30-minute presentation and 15 min Q&A on the findings from his new book #FreedomToBeHappy


  • 5 mins / Introduction by host
  • 20 mins / Pre-planned Q&A between host and Matt
  • 15 mins / Fireside chat with local guest(s), host and Matt
  • 15 mins / Audience Q&A with Matt
  • 5 mins / Closing comments from Matt


Nicola Pearcey | President of UK and Europe Lionsgate

“Matt is a rare talent. Truly putting happiness at the forefront of everything he does, be it work and play, demonstrates why he is such an outlier. His focus on the importance of human happiness backed up by neuroscience helps people untap the very best in themselves and their companies. I love partnering with Matt for that very reason – a true beacon of light for all aspiring and established CEOs, team leaders and employees alike”

Margot Slattery | Sodexo Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

“Matt is an authentic human who calls it as it is and is super curious. He endeavours to make big ripples of change and challenge the established ways of thinking and social norms. He helps to ensure everyone is informed, updated and thinking two steps ahead. I know this book will help us all to challenge our thinking around workplace engagement. Well done Matt!”

amazon reviews

5/5 stars:
Perfect timing for this engaging guide to happiness

“The author takes us on an engaging journey from the origins of happiness with Confucius and the Stoics through to the latest cutting edge neuroscience and biophilia research. His passion for and interest in his subject is abundantly apparent and infectious.

“For anyone interested in how to understand more about how humans behave and what makes us happy this is a must-read. I particularly resonated with the need for sustained change in how organisations are structured and how we must bring emotion into the business world as a key data source if we are to succeed in the future. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we all seek and need positive human interaction. The robust evidence supplied finally puts paid to the suggestion that happiness is only a fluffy metric. A must-read for all leaders.”

5/5 stars:

“A very interesting tour of the subject of happiness from many angles. Thought-provoking and highly relevant to the challenges we face in organisations and society as a whole. Well worth reading.”

5/5 stars:
Impressive. Insightful. Funny

“A very well written and informative book. The author gets across his ideas with precision and flair which will keep you turning the pages. I was also surprised at how data-driven and scientific the book was. Bottom line, if you want to understand happiness and sadness and how to deal with them in the workplace, social and family life read this book.”

5/5 stars:
Insightful read and highly relevant in today’s day and age

“Really insightful and highly relevant read, especially in today’s day and age. Would highly recommend to leaders, managers and HR professionals. The author touches on a wide variety of areas and how does it relate to employee happiness and engagement.”

5/5 stars:
Uplifting with a good sprinkling of data

“This is a great read and very uplifting given the current state of the world. Can’t wait for the second book.”

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