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Why Use Pre-Built Employee Surveys?

Here’s the thing - our platform is designed to help you get the best insight from your people. We’re now on V4 of our platform and we’ve got almost a decade of data and experience that have gone into creating it... we’re confident that our employee engagement and happiness platform will turbocharge your people strategy and create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce simultaneously.

Pre-built survey questions is our platform

While we do offer the option of customising your surveys, we believe that the real power behind our platform is our pre-built surveys. While we don’t want to get too sales-y on you, we do want to quickly walk you through why we think our pre-built surveys are so powerful.

Powered by Neuroscience

Every question used within our pre-built surveys is underpinned by neuroscience. This means that there’s real science and weight behind every aspect of your survey. So you can analyse your results and get insight into how your people are really thinking, feeling and behaving. Each question is specifically designed to help you create a thriving culture... meaning you don’t have to worry about any of them not carrying their weight.

Powered by Data

Part of the magic behind the design of our pre-built surveys is that we’ve built our platform around 8 key neuroscience themes, see below:

This means that you’re able to complete cross-theme analysis amongst the questions within your surveys to help gain a greater understanding of the reasons why your people are thinking and feeling what they are. This gives you true data flexibility.

Powered by Instinct

We know that sometimes your instinct as a leader is your best asset. We’ve found that our customers can use their instincts to choose particular surveys which then back up their gut feel with real insight. This means you can blend your own knowledge of your organisation with quantitative and qualitative data to really tell the story to your wider team. It also means you can use data to test how good your instincts are...

Powered by Partnership

We believe that more is more when it comes to expertise! That’s why a whole team of neuroscience and business experts helped put together our pre-built surveys. By combining our platform with your own knowledge of your organisation’s needs, you are armed with all the tools and expertise you could ever need to power your people strategy.

Powered by Community

Alongside each of our pre-built surveys, we’ve created a library of knowledge to support you in creating actions. Our knowledge hub has been created by our community of experts so you can create an action plan which will deliver results. Plus, you can discuss these with our wider community, to see how other organisations have risen to similar challenges.

Powered by Vision

Our vision is “Freedom to be Human”. We know that all people are individuals, so we designed our pre-built surveys to speak to as many people as possible. So you can rest assured that you won’t be getting skewed data due to one individual’s outlook.

Powered by Your People

Ultimately our platform is powered by your people. It is designed to uncover what is important to your people when it comes to their happiness and engagement. This means that you will be able to understand clearly where their priorities lie. Then you can build a people strategy that is in line with both your organisation’s values and what your people need. Your people are the most powerful resource you have, and our surveys are designed to unlock that power!

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