10 Ways to Power up Your Feedback Programme

Feedback programmes are like life, what you put in, is what you get out. Sharing is also caring so we wanted to highlight the brilliant basics that will go a long way to making them a success. Some of you may feel the things listed are obvious but these aren’t always adhered to, and simplicity will never go out of fashion. Just like being kind to others, and Star Wars! 

Power up your feedback programme.

1. Embrace The Negative

Reviewing feedback isn’t easy and will always include some uncomfortable reading. However, this can often be your greatest source of learning. It’s important to see it as an opportunity for growth and discovery.

2. Celebrate What You do Well

It’s human nature to focus on what could be better. But it’s just as important to share your successes and what people love about working at your organisation. This is also a great way to hack dopamine, a happiness and reward chemical.

3. Be Honest

The more transparent you are with results the closer people will feel to leadership. Never underestimate the power of honesty.

4. Frequency Versus Capacity

Getting frequent feedback from colleagues can reveal loads about your organisation. The danger is that you might end up with more data than you can deal with. This will affect programme success. Make sure you are prepared and able to deal with feedback. If you aren't, question whether it's the right time to ask, or just be honest about what people can expect regarding action.

5. Say Thank You

Once a survey has closed, a simple acknowledgment for those who shared their views and opinions goes a long way. This should just be the start of a strong post-survey communication phase.

6. A Collective Approach, Not a Siloed One

The most successful feedback programmes are always ones that are organisation-wide, not departmental. HR and people teams are amazing at what they do and can help facilitate action plans. But it needs the backing and support of the entire leadership team and beyond.

7. Keep Everyone Involved in The Conversation

Let people know at regular intervals what’s happening with results and what to expect regarding change, as a result of their feedback. Clarity, just like acknowledgement, is key.

8. Be Fluid

If we’ve learned anything recently it’s the need to be able to react quickly to changes. Employee sentiment can determine which direction your feedback programme takes, so being adaptable can be a real strength.

9. Focus on What You Can Control

Don’t get too wrapped up in how you compare to other organisations. It is interesting and useful to a certain extent, but it won’t impact your own work culture. The more you gaze at your neighbours garden, the less you’ll nurture your own plants.

10. Expect Ups & Downs

Happiness flows like the tide and it's normal to see this reflected in scoring. We are all human and experience a variety of emotions every second of everyday day. Focus on what the data is telling you, rather than the score and you’ll reap much more from it.

The above will help you get the most out of how your employees feel and think about their working life. After all, your people define your personality - your personality defines your culture - your culture defines your work - your work defines your success.

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