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Happiness and Humans

We want to revolutionise the working world & create Happier & Healthier workplaces.

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Happiness & Humans is an open-source messaging platform powered by Slack. We built the community to bring together like-minded people so they can connect, converse and network. You will learn from each other’s insights and be part of a group with similar goals and ambitions for the future of work.

the mission

We have decided to set out on an ambitious plan to bring together a diverse community of 100,000 people who believe in what we call #FreedomToBeHuman. We want to connect people across to globe to come together that believe employees;

  • Should be treated like humans
  • Given a voice
  • Be true to themselves

the guidelines

We have 3 simple guidelines:

1 Membership is FREE but every new member is required to introduce 1 new member to the group.

2 No selling. This is a fantastic place to collaborate and network… but let’s keep the sales jargon to a minimum guys 😉

3 “Be Awesome to Each Other” – Bill & Ted.

who’s eligible to join?

Membership of the Happiness & Humans Community is open to anyone who embraces our vision, wants to revolutionise the working world and create happier and healthier workplaces. If any of this sounds interesting to you, click below and join!

*Please download the app for mobile to ensure easier login and notification settings*

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