Tony Latter | 8th June 2016

Marketing Week and Salesforce have recently collaborated on their list of the top 100 disruptive brands for 2016. They aimed to identify the “coolest, most up and coming brands, those companies who are changing the game, innovating, and challenging the norm”. Their words, not ours!

We were thrilled to find out The Happiness Index made the Top 100 list. It’s a huge accolade to be included in this elite group of organisations that includes a raft of reputable brands such as Deliveroo, Slack, Doddle and Nutmeg.

Described as ‘challenger brands’ who have an advantage over their competitors because of their agility and their desire to empower our customers much faster than more established brands. The list focussed on those that ‘put the customer at the heart of their proposition’ and who ‘raised eyebrows among those that have lost their way and allowed operational and logistical challenges to cloud what they set out to do– serve their customers”.

With more and more pressure at work, business people are ‘time poor’ and this list recognised the companies that make life easier and help people do more- faster!

Clearly for Salesforce and Marketing Week, the story of the nimble outsider shaking things up is very alluring. And with a heavy emphasis on technology which sits firmly at the core of their top 100 disruptors, The Happiness Index was a great fit.

Talking about the Top 100 brands, Russell Parsons, Editor of Marketing Week said:

“They are all innovators, however, that are defining the future of the sectors in which they operate and the wider world of business. We looked far and wide to curate the final 100, across the world and business sectors…. You will find companies with operating models and structures that break convention and point to a different way of doing business.”.

Emma Chalwin, Marketing Leader for UK & Ireland at Salesforce added:

“Sedate, unadventurous, old-fashioned marketing is out. Inspiring, stimulating and intuitive marketing is the name of the game for businesses who plan to win in the new digital economy… In this fast-changing world it has never been more fascinating to watch both those who are driving change and those who are poised to exploit it – and to see some rise above the rest. These brands are changing sales, marketing and customer relationship management every single day.”

Customer-centric organisations have a key advantage, along with the true innovators

In her in-depth view on what a disruptive brand does (which you can read in full here), Emma touches on an interesting point:

“Increasingly business marketers are looking to innovate around the customer at every stage of their journey, create new relationship models and move the customer to the heart of every process and decision”, and we agree with her whole-heartedly. This is part of why we feel measuring sentiment and being on the pulse of your customers’ feelings towards your brand is so important. How can you successfully grow and evolve if you aren’t asking your customer how they find working with you?

Not only that but developing and ingraining a culture of innovation is also an important topic in most boardrooms right now – including Salesforce’s apparently.

“Even as business leaders increasingly recognise the strategic imperative of innovation in order to survive and thrive, it still can be challenging. Innovating around the customer is the name of this gameto build better relationships, sustain them for longer, make them more profitable, and become part of customers lives, not merely a supplier.”

We love the concept that major players like CRM-giant Salesforce are really embracing the need for continual feedback and put real emphasis on customers being at the heart of their hugely successful business. Rather than simply creating contractual supplier/customer relationships, the best businesses go the extra mile to build and maintain the fiercest of customer loyalty through ongoing feedback, improvement, engagement and by adding real value/sector-expertise. And long may they thrive!

Congrats to all the brilliant brands that made the list and we look forward to seeing more growth and innovation from our peers over the coming year.