Employee Voice 24/7 | Give your people a voice during times of change

Tony Latter | 25th March 2020

Wow, what a few weeks eh? With a fast-changing situation and unprecedented numbers of employees working from home, self-isolating or ill – it’s critical no one feels isolated. 

Now, more than ever, It’s important that you’re able to communicate on a daily basis to help you understand how your people feel and to understand the cultural health of your organisation. You need to be able to listen at scale to your people’s fears and concerns and share them with your leaders.

For many it’s triggered our reptilian brain, meaning we are scared and stressed.  Employers are no different and their instinctive reaction is often to pull up the drawbridge and not talk to, or communicate with, their people. We believe the opposite!

It’s more important now than ever before for organisations to:

1) Listen more 

2)  Communicate more 

3) Share insight with their leaders

4) Act in line with their values. If you say your people are your most important asset, then demonstrate this when the chips are really down. 

Which is why we created Employee Voice 24/7 A free Pre-built survey designed to give your people a voice during times of change


We have been working day and night for the last 15 days, to build a new version of our technology to help you look after your employees and give them a voice during this unique, and uncertain period of time. Introducing Employee Voice 24/7! 

We’re offering Employee Voice 24/7 free of charge to organisations during this period. This gives them the ability to listen on a daily basis – at scale – to monitor how their people are feeling and share high-level insight with their leaders.


  • It’s an open survey that allows your employees to feedback on how they are feeling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Listening gives leadership teams a heightened sense of what is important to their teams and can help ensure their communications are well-timed and relevant to the audience.
  • The data is collected and then summarised in real-time via simple dashboards that help your leadership team understand how their people are feeling during this period of turmoil.
  • Our technology analyses, trends and organises the insights into various charts and graphs – so you can create meaningful action plans to create positive change during this difficult period.


Employee Voice 24/7 allows employees to feedback when they like… not just when they’re asked.

We use a mix of sentiment analysis and AI-driven cloud maps to visually display the data in a quick and clear way that’s easy to understand. 

Check out your dashboard of analytics below including trends, score distribution, % favourable and a key themed Word Cloud… on top of this you will also receive a detailed report helping you with action-planning so you can focus on running your business! 

CLICK HERE to discover more and sign up for Employee Voice 24/7 for free! 

Stay safe and please stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues during this tough time! 

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me at tony@thehappinessindex.com 

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