“Strategic feedback is focused on gathering opinions on high level topics such as Communication, Leadership and Values. This type of feedback is normally gathered through Annual Engagement Surveys and more recently it has become fashionable to gather strategic feedback via shorter and sharper pulse surveys.”


With our annual surveys we’re not talking about the 50+ questions where it takes half an hour to complete and 2 months to get the results. We use our innovative technology to create and deliver annual surveys that reduce the admin, shorten the time it takes your people to complete and provides you with real time insights.

As technology has advanced its become possible to run more regular employee surveys leading to greater insight without increasing the admin. This has lead to the popularity of pulse surveys. These are shorter surveys which occur more regularly. Typically up to 5 questions on either a monthly or quarterly basis.



Strategic feedback programmes will cover topics such as:

  • Culture
  • Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Learning and development
  • Vision and values
  • Well being

vs pulse

Life is all about balance, night and day, ying and yang, Spiderman and Peter Parker. It’s the same principle with strategic feedback. You need a blend of annual and pulse surveys as they have different roles. Annual surveys provide the deep dive giving you the depth of insight and pulse surveys are great for following up on areas of interest.