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Events & Webinars

Planning a Culture Change Journey - Lessons from the Front Line

Freedom, Safety and the Role of Leadership in Suicide Prevention

Cultural Assessment | Driving Employee Happiness & Performance

Book Launch & Employee Happiness Conference | The Happiness Index

The Role of ERGs in Creating Inclusive Workplace Cultures

An Illusion of Inclusion? Intersectionality in the LGBTQ+ Community

How to Build Belonging in a Large Organisation The ISS Story

Cutting Recruitment Costs & Keeping Top Talent Using Data

Connecting Employee Happiness & Engagement through Neuroscience

Creating Energetic Connections in a Hybrid Culture

12 Million Lessons in Employee Happiness: A Chat with Matt

Employee Engagement Summit

Creating Parental Pathways

H&H Community E-meet: Appraisals

Leadership in Tough Times - Rethinking the Role of Leaders

The 15% Club - Neurodiversity Celebration Week

International Day of Happiness: Why Happiness is Important

What Do Candidates Want? Making Your Culture a Talent Magnet

Implementing an Employee Listening Strategy - Key Learnings

H&H Community E-meet: A People - Centric Approach to Employment Law

Caring in a Crisis: Prioritising Wellbeing in a Recession

Breakfast Club | Happiness & Humans Community Brekkie | October 2022

Happiness & Humans: Who We Are

The Last Workplace Taboo - Personal Relationship Stress

Breakfast Club | Happiness & Humans Community Brekkie | November 2022

Authentic Leadership: How a Team Becomes a Home

How to Build a Culture of Upskilling and Personal Growth

Health & Happiness

Joint Webinar with Inspirus: The Business Impacts of Employee Happiness and Engagement

Sustainable Business Models: People, Purpose, Planet & Profit

Executing a Non-Biased Diverse & Inclusive Talent Strategy

Can Employee Monitoring & a Trust Culture Coexist?

Racial Equality in the Workplace

Neuroscience: Building Mental Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

Requirement to Report on Employee Engagement: The What, Who & How

Building a Global Listening Strategy - Trifast Plc

How Men Can Form Meaningful Relationships in The Workplace

Creating Safe Spaces: Outside The Gender Binary

Disability Pride: Making Happiness Accessible

Reverse Mentoring: The Ultimate Tool For Growth

Neurodiversity: Creating an Autism Friendly Workplace

How to Engage & Support The Happiness of Working Parents

How to Build an Employee Engagement & Happiness Strategy

Room 101: Employee Engagement Surveys

The One Manchester Story: Creating a Happy & Healthy Organisation

How to Link Your DEI & Employee Engagement Data

The Quantum Way Book Launch: The Science Behind Happiness & Workplace Engagement

Culture Change: Rethinking Our Model of Leadership

Uncomfortable Conversations: Race, Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable

The Sodexo People Story

Building a Menopause Friendly Culture

Rebuilding Toxic Work Cultures

The Neuroscience of Stress

Creating a Thriving Culture in a Remote First World

Tackling Loneliness & Mental Health Issues During Covid Pandemic

What do Employees Need to Thrive at Work?

Is Culture a Scaling Superpower?

Helping Employees Deal With Climate Change Anxiety

Creating a Culture Strategy - Vivobarefoot Story

Neuroscience For HR

Advancing Racial Equity

Creating an Authentic & Effective Employer Brand

Managing Change Using Neuroscience

Reimagining Employee Engagement

Managing Employee Activism - How to Listen & Channel Your Employee Voice

Forging The Future of Work

ESG & The Role of HR

How to Analyse & Understand Your Employee Feedback Data

Why Measure Employee Engagement & Happiness?

Creating Equity & Inclusion Through Culture Change - Lewes FC Story

Flexible Working - Making it Work For Your People & Business

How to Banish Burnout Cultures