return to
work survey

return to work survey

A pre-built survey designed to improve your employees’ return to work experience

Return to Work Survey

Why the return to work experience is so important

  • Returning to the workplace creates stress for your people.
  • Understand how your people are feeling about their return to the workplace & what they’d like work to look like in the future.
  • It’s imperative to open dialogue and understand what concerns they have and what support they need.
  • This is a golden opportunity to reshape the future of work within your business and build a workplace that utilises employee input into flexibility around hours, remote working, workplace setup, communication strategies… or any other areas you and your people want to innovate

M&C Saatchi
Emily Hawkins | Group HR Director

“We recently partnered with The Happiness Index to use their platform to see how employees are feeling during this difficult time. The insight it has given us has been so valuable. We have managed to address a lot of the concerns raised by quickly implementing new policies and adjusting communications. I highly recommend taking them up on their free offering.”

the impact of our
return to work survey

  • Understand and combat any anxieties or stresses your people may have.
  • Effectively manage the return to work process and create an open dialogue with your staff.
  • Keep on the pulse of the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of your newly returned workers.

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