We appreciate that no two organisations are the same. Everyone has different requirements when it involves data, technology and people analytics.

We listen to your needs and concerns and will help you to select and tailor best questions or modules from our library which are designed by our team of workplace psychologists, business consultants and data scientists.

By combining our expertise and your business understanding, we will create an effective programme so you can enjoy a thriving and productive work culture.


All surveys have their own unique online dashboard tailored to deliver relevant insights for you

Your data is presented in a number of ways in order to ensure our insights make sense to everyone… not just data analysts. This includes graphs, charts, word clouds, heatmaps, filter comparisons, correlation analysis and response analysis. All insights generated by our dashboards can be broken down by your chosen filters. For example by location, department or gender.

You can easily run and download automated reports. Dependent on the surveys, there is benchmarking available which can be viewed as an aggregate or broken down by your specified filters.

We believe humans work best when they have the freedom to work in a way that suits their personality

Our personalised surveys, are there to answer your specific needs and concerns.

Our customer success team will work with you to understand your culture and business pain points – in order to determine the best survey programme for you. They will also help with onboarding, set-up, data collection & clean-up to ensure a smooth process. 

The success of the project is largely based on response rates – so our comms team will assist with a communications and launch strategy to help build up excitement and understanding for the programme.

your human
insights partner

gathering feedback globally

Our philosophy is Every Human Matters. We don’t care how daunting the task may seem, every employee has the right to have their voice heard

We will do most of the leg work and ensure that language and distance aren’t barriers. We run employee engagement surveys in over 20 languages across 80+ countries. We’re also smashing down barriers such as blindness and illiteracy with our “Revolutionary voice technology”.

We gather data from some of the most remote places in the world and cater to respondents who don’t have access to email or even the internet. Everyone has the right to be happy at work!

Check out our video to see some of the most popular ways we gather responses for our users:

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