At The Happiness Index we believe everyone should have the freedom to be human. We appreciate no two organisations are the same, we all have different requirements when it comes to the technology we use.

That’s why our enterprise platform is fully customisable and moulds around the way your organisation works. As you’d expect from a company that believes in giving employees the freedom be human we believe organisations should have the freedom to use our technology how they need to in order to get the insight they need to enhance their employee experience.

This is why our enterprise model:

  • Lets you create your own questions.
  • Doesn’t restrict the number of surveys you can send.
  • Allows you to have unlimited analyst roles.
  • Provides a varied suite of online insight tools and reporting.


For you to get the insight you need to inspire and energise your organisation it’s important you’re able to create your own question set. We can help you understand which questions to ask based on our experience of building thousands of surveys, but it’s important you have the ability to shape the questions in your tone of voice.

We love data and insight, the more of it the better. It helps improve decision making and allows you to understand the impact of your decisions. That’s why our Enterprise solution has no restrictions on the number of surveys you can send out. Now this doesn’t mean you should go surveytastic (not a real word, but we like it to describe over surveying). However, quality surveys, asking the right questions at the right time can provide a wealth of insight that can be used across all areas of your organisation.


unlimited access

To unlock the true power of the insight being generated by The Happiness Index we let you create an unlimited number of Analyst logins. An analyst has read only permissions and you can select what data and insight the analyst can see. For example, you could give the Head of Finance permission to login to The Happiness Index and have access to the data and insight generated by people who work in the Finance department.

We encourage our customers to create analyst roles for two keys reasons. The first is it helps embed your engagement programme into other areas of the business meaning you are no longer solely responsible for updating and sharing results. The second is those customers who have created analyst roles for others in the business have more time to focus on action planning and execution which inspires a better business performance.

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