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Platform image showing remote working survey results


Understand how well your organisation has adapted to changes such as remote or hybrid working. Learn what your team thinks and feels about your current culture and how you can support building a positive, future-proof workplace.

Platform image showing remote working survey results
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of employees want to be able to work from home - YouGov

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of employees reported improved wellbeing as a result of increased home working - ONS

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But 19%

of business execs believe being in the office is key to company culture - PWC

The Problem

Remote working is here to stay. It’s seen by many as being vital to retaining talent for most traditionally office-based organisations.

However, remote work is often seen as a catalyst for poor employee experience. Especially when it comes to building and maintaining organisational culture.

The Solution

Gain a true understanding of how your people are thinking and feeling when it comes to remote work and your culture. This will help you supercharge your people strategy.

Our survey is designed by experts to give you actionable insights to ensure your remote workers have a voice and feel connected to your organisation.

Dawne Browne, People & Talent Directory at Fuller's


Chief People Officer


It’s vital to us that we do things the right way and build an environment where every person feels valued, listened to, and has the opportunity to share their views on how we can make things better.


Each organisation is as unique as the people who make up their teams.

Our neuroscientists and HR experts have developed this 12-question set so that you can create a remote working culture that’s completely bespoke to your team and their needs. We enable you to take the guesswork out of creating your strategy and building a thriving culture.

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Using both a 10-point scale and open comment boxes we enable you to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Our dashboards allow you to trend, benchmark and segment your data. The easy-to-understand scale ensures accurate and actionable data. Meanwhile sentiment analysis and access to comments gives you context for your feedback and the narrative surrounding your culture.


Drill down into your data with ease to uncover real insight.

Dig deeper to discover what your people want and need in their culture. Discover where you are performing well and where you have room to grow. This allows you to identify key action areas. And celebrate wins!

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Put your people at the centre of your remote working strategy.

Understand what they want and need. Enter into anonymous conversations to uncover more detail. Collect feedback on an ongoing basis, when you need it, but at a time and place that works for your people.


We break down data silos by backing every question with neuroscience.

Across our platform we allow you to identify trends across your employee lifecycle, understand seasonal changes and dive deeper into key drivers of happiness AND engagement.

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Many organisations and countries around the world are still being buffeted by the pandemic.

That’s why we continue to give our customers access to our COVID-19 remote work questions. This means that if your unique circumstances require, you’re still able to access data and insight into pandemic related thoughts and feelings.