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Platform image showing NPS survey results


Support your overall strategy with our NPS survey. Designed to help you understand how your customers think AND feel, this survey can be used in conjunction with our other surveys to gain a holistic picture of your team's performance.

Platform image showing NPS survey results
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customers complain, the rest churn - Customer Experience Magazine

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of customers want to give feedback to brands - Microsoft

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increase in profitability from just a 5% increase in customer retention - Forbes

The Problem

Customer loyalty and retention is a huge factor in any organisation’s success. Understanding how your customers think and feel is key to ensuring you tap into this.

Getting a true view of how your customers think and feel about your organisation poses problems when it comes to gathering candid and honest feedback.

The Solution

One of our original offerings, our customer NPS survey gives you a single source of truth when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly understand customer satisfaction. We provide one easy-to-understand numerical score, based on one globally-used question.

Rachel Armstrong, Learning & Development Business Partner at One Manchester


Learning & Development Business Partner

One Manchester

We use The Happiness Index to track sentiment across the business from different audiences in different ways – as and when we need to.


We all know happy employees means happy customers.

Our NPS survey gives you insights into how your customers are thinking and feeling as and when you need. A single data point means that you can share your results easily with your team to make adjustments for weaknesses and celebrate wins!

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Our survey asks one easy-to-understand question giving customers a 10-point scale to rate your organisation against. Plus, an open comment box for context.

We then help with understanding your feedback through our comprehensive analytics tools. This means that you can dive deeper to truly understand where you can drive meaningful change for your people and your customers.


Our NPS survey is just one of over 20 pre-built surveys you will have access to across our platform.

This means you will be able to understand trends and themes within your feedback from your customers and your team. We enable you to truly understand the impact of your team’s happiness AND engagement on your customer satisfaction.

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Our surveys are designed to be fully accessible.

We create a safe, third-party environment where your customers are able to leave feedback and comments. We enable you to get candid feedback and enter into anonymous conversations. Our survey is available cross-device and in different languages, whenever and wherever your customers want to leave feedback.


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