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Platform image showing neuroscience average survey results


Deep-dive into your key neuroscience themes to gain greater clarity and create a robust action plan to improve your people’s engagement and happiness.

Platform image showing neuroscience average survey results
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8 Surveys

each focusing on a different neuroscience theme so you can dive deeper into your team’s drivers.

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10+ Questions

per survey, so you can truly understand what’s driving happiness and engagement within your organisation.

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∞ Insights

endless real-time, actionable insights to help you support your people with what they want and need.

The Problem

Understanding your team’s key drivers isn’t always enough - you need to dig deeper under the bonnet to find actionable insights into what’s causing low (or high!) scores within your feedback data.

“Bottled emotions hold organisations back.” - Clive Hyland | Head of Neuroscience

The Solution

Our 8 Neuroscience Themed Surveys have been developed to give you the data you need to build a thriving culture that supports the unique needs of your team.

Each of these surveys can be used individually or in combination to dive deeper into the neuroscience-based drivers behind your data.

Richard Summerfield, Chief People Officer at Hawksford


Chief People Officer


Applying the neuroscience approach to the workplace and the way we communicate it is, without doubt, a future fit enabler.


Our 8 neuroscience themes link the head and the heart to give you a holistic view of how your people are thinking AND feeling.

Each theme is linked to the brain systems - Instinctive, Emotional, Rational and Reflective. These feed into employee happiness AND engagement, giving you unique insight into both.

Platform image showing happiness and engagement survey results
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Our platform gives you instant, real-time insight into your neuroscience themes right from your dashboard homepage.

However, we realise sometimes this isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve created 8 unique surveys. Designed to give you actionable insight into your low and high scores and what’s driving your employee happiness AND engagement.


Our 11-question set enables you to understand the physical and mental safety of your people.

Safety is a key element of workplace happiness. It is linked to the Amygdala, one of our oldest brain structures. A lack of safety directly impacts people’s fight or flight response, and consequently productivity and engagement.

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This 10-question survey will give you true insight into how free your people feel to be themselves and complete their jobs.

Our vision is #FreedomToBeHuman! Being able to be accepted as a human but also treated autonomously to get on with a job is key to happiness in the workplace.


The 10 questions within our Relationship survey are designed to show you how your colleagues relate to each other.

Relationships are statistically proven to be one of the leading reasons for retainment and attrition. It’s important to understand how your team feel AND think about their relationships in the workplace.

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Gain a better understanding of how recognised and rewarded your people feel with this 12-question survey.

Acknowledgement links to the emotional brain system. Feeling heard and understood is key to feeling both happy and engaged in the workplace.


Understand the level of challenge your team feel within your organisation with this 10-question survey.

Dive deeper into how your team sees their development and growth within their roles. This will help you support and nurture their growth and build high-performance, happy and engaged teams.

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These 11 questions are designed to measure how aligned your people are to your vision.

Increasingly, people are looking for their job to align with their personal ethics, but also want to bring true value to the work they do. Find out how you can better achieve this with our survey.


Discover how your teams understand what’s expected of them and how well they feel enabled to complete their work in our 11-question survey.

Clarity is all about communication, understanding and feeling empowered to complete the work expected. Our survey allows you to truly understand how you’re performing in this area.

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In this 11-question survey, you will dive deeper into your team’s perception of their workload and the resources available to them.

Giving people what they need to get on with their jobs, but also empowering them to take control of their workload is key to full engagement.


Whether you want to do a deep-dive for your whole team, or a department or subdivision, our surveys offer you full flexibility.

All 8 neuroscience surveys are available to everyone within our platform. Gain full control over which areas you want to understand in more depth. These short but insightful surveys are perfect for use individually, or in combination.

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