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Platform image showing mergers & acquisitions survey results


Our merger and acquisition surveys are designed to help you measure how your teams are thinking AND feeling both before and after integration. This will help you minimise disruption and build a thriving culture within your organisation.

Platform image showing mergers & acquisitions survey results
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Only 10%

of businesses report “significant success” in retaining employees after a merger - PWC

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increased chance of achieving returns to shareholders with a focus on employee experience following an M&A - McKinsey

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of mergers and acquisitions fail because of cultural incompatibility - Deloitte

The Problem

Mergers and acquisitions represent a change which can be uniquely stressful and confusing. Businesses often fail to keep their people informed and updated during this critical period.

During M&As, it is particularly challenging to keep staff happy, motivated and able to cope with the rate of change.

The Solution

Neuroscience helps us to understand that everyone deals with change in their own way. Regular feedback shows you how your people are thinking and feeling during the process.

Our two surveys, Post-Announcement and Post-Integration, are backed with neuroscience to enable you to provide ongoing support and encouragement.

Louisa Fryer, Head of Leadership at Restore PLC


Head of Leadership

Restore PLC

We have ambitious plans to acquire more businesses... to fulfil this ambition we need to invest in creating a thriving culture where our people can develop their careers.


Our surveys are designed to focus on key points during the merger and acquisition process.

Created by our in-house neuroscientists, HR specialists and business experts, our surveys take you through the whole M&A process. This means you’re able to listen to your people, enter into conversations and act on feedback throughout a potentially volatile time.

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The 9-question Post Announcement survey focuses on key neuroscience areas such as safety, clarity and meaning and purpose.

We enable you to truly understand how your team are thinking AND feeling at an emotionally difficult time. This means that you will be able to support your people through the change more effectively and efficiently.


The in-depth 17-question Post Integration survey dives deeper into more neuroscience areas to support a more holistic view of integration success.

We allow you real insight into how your people are reacting to the change on a deeper level. By using our pre-built survey you can be sure that you’re uncovering areas of success or weakness in plenty of time to implement meaningful action plans.

Platform screenshot showing the mergers & acquisitions post integration survey average results
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Our platform is designed with the employee in mind, giving you true insight.

Available to all your employees when and where they want to answer questions, you’ll be able to gain a true reflection of their thoughts and feelings. Plus, by guaranteeing anonymity you will get valuable candid feedback.


As with all our pre-built surveys, we back the questions within the M&A surveys with neuroscience.

We allow you to break down data silos and see trends across your employee and company lifecycle. Identify trends, strengths and weaknesses in order to minimise disruption and create a happy, engaged workforce.

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Mergers and acquisitions are a busy period for HR teams, so we take the effort out of data analysis.

Our dashboards give instant insight into the strength of your merger or acquisition process. Plus, easily dive deeper into your data by filtering responses based on team, location, or demographic data.


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