Lovehoney refer to themselves as “The sexual happiness people”. They are the UK’s biggest online adult retailer. Lovehoney see their staff engagement programme as a vital element of their internal brand.

What Lovehoney wanted to achieve:

They required the ability to customise our feedback technology to match their tone of voice and branding.

They wanted the platform to feel like a genuine extension of their branding which employees would be familiar with.


  1. Provided Lovehoney with our standard template so they could evaluate and recommend changes.
  2. They provided detailed instructions regarding their brand requirements.
  3. These included the use of a specific colour pallette and approved logos.
  4. The changes were implemented using Google Tag Manager.


Lovehoney were delighted with the customised branding and signed off the templates. They are collecting results as we speak and identifying trends in real-time on their employee engagement.

Laura Brennan-Ford, HR Advisor for Lovehoney commented:

“The tech looks amazing and the branding is exactly the look and feel we wanted. It feels like it’s part of our brand so thank you.”

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