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Milliken & Company are a global leader in textiles with 7,000 employees around the world. They have a bold mission to manufacture innovative products that help create a healthier, more sustainable future with the ultimate goal of making people happier in the workplace. Naturally, we were thrilled to work with them!

“Imagine a world where you come to work, and you left work happier than when you’d arrived.” – Alison Kitchingman, Director of Marketing & Design


When setting out to research how to achieve their mission, Milliken & Company choose to work with us as they were intrigued by our ethos, customers and team. They felt that we not only understood their industry but shared their aim of creating human-led organisations with a thriving culture.

We designed an insights programme that set out to analyse and measure the impact office design has on employees happiness. The aim was to test the theory that great design can boost workplace happiness, health and productivity, and isn’t just a “nice to have”.

Insight was collected using a range of methods including neuroscience on how people behave in different environments, opinion surveys and AI-driven machine learning that gauged the sentiment behind people’s responses.


They will now continue to examine the key drivers identified by our research; such as nutrition, fitness and the workplace facilities people expect. This will help them determine how they can positively impact and change the workplaces of the future.

Together we proudly demonstrated that workplace design does impact employee happiness. Milliken & Company exceeded the number of data points they set out to achieve, and believe they’ve got the root of how people feel about the relationship between workplace design and happiness.

“It was very different from what we’d done before.” – Kate Collier, Marketing Communications Manager

“We want the conversation to keep going around happiness”

Kate Collier | Marketing Communications Manager:

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