We appreciate that no two organisations are the same.
Everyone has different requirements when it involves data & technology.

We change the way you gather and understand feedback by creating bespoke solutions to help you put people first, utilise your data and boost performance.

We will help you to understand how your people feel, what is working for them, what could be improved, and how to prioritise the things that will have the biggest positive impact.



Strategic feedback focuses on higher level subject areas and tends to happen annually, half yearly or quarterly. Examples of Strategic feedback are Annual Employee Surveys or more regular pulse surveys. Strategic feedback is typically used to gain insight on topics such as values, culture, communication, etc.


Tactical feedback is event driven. It covers feedback on events such as Employee Onboarding, Training, Exit surveys, etc. This feedback is great for understanding employee sentiment at key milestones of the employee lifecycle.


Emotional feedback is about capturing the feelings of your people in the moment. By understanding the emotion of your organisation you can make impactful changes to improve the employee experience.


Our philosophy is that every human matters. No matter how daunting the task may seem, every single one of your people has the right to have their voice heard. We will do most of the leg work and ensure that language and distance aren’t barriers…

We run employee engagement surveys in over 20 languages across 80+ countries. We’re also smashing down barriers such as blindness and illiteracy with our “revolutionary voice technology”.

We gather data from some of the most remote places in the world and cater to respondents who don’t have access to email or even the internet. Everyone has the right to be happy at work!

Check out our video to see some of the most popular ways we gather responses for our users:


We believe humans work best when they have the freedom to work in the way that suits their personality.

We’re all different and we embrace that. That’s why we work hard on creating connected experiences for our customers. If you prefer to phone us, we’ll happily speak to you. If you want to fire off an email, great we’ll get right back to you and if you’d love to meet us, come along to one of our customer events.

Our Net Promoter Score is 57, our secret? It’s simple, we understand our customers are humans too.