Happy 6th Birthday The Happiness Index!

Tony Latter | 21st May 2020

Happy birthday!

It’s our birthday today, we’re six years old and even though we’re going through a difficult period with being in lockdown. We wanted to celebrate.

When birthdays arrive we often look back and use it as a time for reflection, so this morning I read our first ever blog post. It was the blog post all entrepreneurs dream of writing, the ‘Hey world, we’ve arrived’ blog. Looking back at it now, the reasons why we created The Happiness Index are still motivating us today. We believed there had to be a better way for employees to be able to influence their working environment.

We wanted to provide people with a voice so they could have an impact on their working lives. We saw employee engagement as principally being for the benefit of the company and we wanted to redress the balance and shine a light on how happiness and emotion can drive performance.

In the past six years we’ve learnt a lot. Innovation is at our core. It’s good to try new things. We’ve built The Happiness Index by testing and learning and we accept things don’t always work 1st time. Sometimes we’ll run before we can walk and that’s one of the reasons we have got to where we are today. Our awesome customers and partners have helped us so much in this regard. 

Given the current world we find ourselves in, having the ability to innovate and adapt has been critical for us. In the past two months we’ve innovated and launched a new product suite designed for a post Covid-19 world. This wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible team. Their energy and enthusiasm to help us achieve our vision of ‘Freedom to be human’ is the driving force behind our success.

Thank you to all our people, past and present, who have played a part over the past six years in taking The Happiness Index from an idea to being used in over 80 countries and over 20 languages. As a co-founder I find it inspiring and humbling how everyone continues to rise to the challenges put in front of them and how they always do that with a smile on their faces.

Happy birthday all, and here’s to many more 😁

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