CSR | Hope for the Homeless Relay

Lucy Hennessy | 24th August 2020

Over the last month The Happiness Index team have been running, cycling, swimming and walking as many miles as possible for a very important cause. We’ve been raising money for Beam – the outstanding charity that empowers people experiencing homelessness in the U.K. They believe in the potential of everybody and the power of stable employment to help people achieve independence.

We tracked our miles by creating a club on Strava which is an app that tracks exercise, GPS and lets you share activity and photos with friends. The app allows you to dish ‘kudos’ or comment on each other’s achievements. It was a really motivating feature and an enjoyable feed!

The Happiness Index team fundraising CSR

“It’s my favourite social media source because there is nothing but positivity on there!” – Matt Phelan, Head of Global Happiness & Co-Founder

Why did we do this?

Many of us have no idea what it’s like to be homeless! But many people don’t have that luxury. 

Over 250,000 people in the UK are experiencing homelessness. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Beam believes in the potential of everybody and the power of stable employment to help people achieve independence.

We started this fundraising campaign to help Beam support homeless people to get back to work and empower positive change in their own lives.

We also faced the challenge of how to keep up our Corporate Social Responsibility during lockdown and remote working. The power of community is palpable and The Happiness Index is a very special place to work, therefore we didn’t want to lose that. We’ve been keen to partner with Beam for a while and it was the perfect opportunity to kick things off.

As well as raising money for others, the challenge was truly rewarding for The Happiness Index’s team. It helped to boost both morale and camaraderie- whilst ensuring we felt connected to one another during this time of change. Not to mention the positive impact on everyone’s physical and mental health!

The impact

We have raised just under £500 so far. The donations from this fundraiser have supported 8 people to start fulfilling their dreams of joining the world of work! I am proud to say that we have raised money and contributed towards:

Peter becoming a warehouse operative


Mostang becoming a security guard


Phatima becoming a carer


Henrik becoming a warehouse operative


May becoming an accountant


Vera becoming a carer


Eriks becoming a construction worker


Thanks so much for your donations, it was YOU all that made this happen.

It’s not too late to donate

Please donate to our campaign – anything you can give is a huge help!

100% of the money will be used to help homeless people get into work. If you would still like to make a donation, the link is here – https://beam.org/fundraisers/the-happiness-index-s-virtual-relay-challenge

Every little counts!

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