The growth of happiness as a business metric

Tony Latter | 7th April 2015

It has struck me recently as I go about my daily business in London that I see happiness being used more and more as a serious business metric. It is fascinating how quickly happiness has moved from being seen as a slightly fluffy KPI to a top priority business metric. The speed of change has been rapid, but very noticeable.

Here are some examples that I have seen on my travels recently:




Coca-Cola Advert


Right Move Advert

Austrian Tourist Board

Zillertal Ad


All of these examples are great, but they come with 2 core challenges:

1) How do you measure it?
2) What are you doing with the data?

If you want to find out more drop us a line for a free consultancy session on how you can measure business metrics like happiness.


I will leave you with the wise words of Don Draper to conclude this article. Thank you for reading.

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