Cannes Lions Partners with The Happiness Index

Tony Latter | 17th June 2016

I am honoured to say that this year The Happiness Index has the amazing opportunity of partnering with Cannes Lions festival which takes place from 18th – 25th June. We will be helping the organisers gather feedback from attendees of their Marketing Academy managed by Jim Stengel. This is an exciting time for both creatives, marketeers and Happiness Indexers alike!

Cannes Lions is campaigning for creativity: they work to ‘inspire creative bravery that changes the course of communications’. Their aim is to provide everything needed to successfully campaign for creativity – the connections, the education, the benchmark and the inspiration. And over the course of the 8-day event, they will see 15,000 delegates from all over the globe. Their speakers include Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow and infamous Anna Wintour. It’s clearly THE place to be for creatives, marketers and advertising professionals and we’re thrilled to be in such good company as their partners!

At a time where new business models are constantly having to evolve in order to adapt to the new status quo in the creative industry and with an ever increasingly blurred line between PR, advertising, digital and creative – businesses are evolving faster than ever before. It’s no doubt however that this significant change in skills and structure comes with its challenges. Now more than ever before agencies are having to adapt to the maturing market, their ever more tech-savvy clientele and listening to feedback and measuring ongoing satisfaction has to form a key part of their plans for sustainable growth and adaption. Having a customer-centric approach has never been more important.

In the 150,000+ creative businesses in the UK, it seems to be the case that traditional business models are surviving, whereas those brave enough to adopt newer business ideologies are positively thriving. However, only those who effectively manage this change and listening to client feedback are likely to maintain a competitive advantage.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”

– Leon C. Megginson (no, not Darwin :O )

We’re looking forward to helping agencies facilitate internal change and not just survive but truly thrive! If you are attending the festival next week and would like to catch up – just drop me a line or tweet us at @happinessindex1.