Webinar: Caring in a Crisis: Prioritising Wellbeing in a Recession

The UK is in the 4th year of sharply increasing chronic illness with a record 2.5 mill of people now absent from the workplace due to long-term sickness. With mental health and other long-issues health conditions increasing sharply, how can organisations respond and prioritise wellbeing in a recession? 

Matt Phelan is joined by Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer, Benefex and Katherine White, Director of People, Wyboston Lakes Resort to discuss: 

  • Why long-term sickness rates have been increasing so sharply and mental health is particularly impacted

  • What difference a recession could make to wellbeing trends  

  • How different industry sectors and age groups are impacted 

  • How organisations can create a culture that prioritises wellbeing in a recession and start to reverse the trend. 

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