Webinar: How to Build a Culture of Upskilling & Personal Growth

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As human beings, we are always changing, growing, and learning. While our personal growth usually happens regardless, it’s in our best interest, and in an organisation's best interest, to intentionally nurture it.

There’s no doubt that organisations which actively support employees in their personal growth will reap the benefits. People are more likely to be motivated to upskill themselves in their role, they’ll forge better relationships, become more productive and more engaged. When combined with timely, relevant, and interesting learning, organisations have the recipe for better employee performance and retention.

Today, it’s up to HR and Learning and Development teams to build a culture that both encourages continuous upskilling and supports personal growth. Join David James, CLO at 360Learning, and Matthew Phelan, Co-Founder of The Happiness Index, as they discuss how to put this strategy into practice.

You’ll learn:

  • Why a lack of personal growth is the number one reason for attrition

  • The critical role companies play in driving people to grow and thrive at work

  • How personal growth is a key factor driving employee engagement

  • How supporting personal growth helps close skill gaps

  • How upskilling from within drives greater individual and collective performance

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