Webinar: Changing Toxic Work Cultures

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The growth of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, together with platforms like Glassdoor and heighted employee activism are increasingly exposing toxic work cultures. Leaders and Investors can no longer ignore toxicity and pretend that it doesn't impact organisational performance. They must begin changing toxic work cultures in order to retain and attract talent.

Matt Phelan is joined by:

  • Clive Lewis OBE, Business Psychologist, Mediator & Author of "Toxic: A Guide to Rebuilding Respect and Tolerance in a Hostile Workplace"

  • Kelly Swingler, Executive Coach for Rebellious People Leaders

  • Andrew Patrick, Chairman, BeBettor

To discuss:

  • What makes a culture ‘toxic’? 

  • What are the tell-tale signs of a toxic culture to look out for at an organisational, team and individual level? 

  • What is the cost of not addressing toxic cultures?

  • Can you rebuild a culture to remove the toxicity? If so how? 

  • Has the global pandemic improved workplace cultures or made toxicity more prevalent? 

How Long Does it Last? 

The session lasts 50 minutes.