Webinar: Leadership In Tough Times - Rethinking The Role Of Leaders

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Uncertainty and volatility continues to batter organisations. Leaders have been left reeling from the aftermath of the pandemic, combined with growing global economic and political instability. With huge change in working models, a rise in employee activism and a new expectation to see leaders stepping up on key societal issues, there’s a lot for leaders to get right. 

Join Tony Latter as he speaks to Dr Hayley Lewis, Chartered Psychologist, Coach and Lecturer, Minter Dial, Author of "You Lead: How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader" and Kareen Griffiths, Change Management consultant and founder of Calmify about: 

  • Why the old methods of command and control of leadership are no longer working.

  • What today’s workforce really want from their leaders (e.g. according to the Edelman Trust Barometer almost 60% of employees choose a workplace based on shared values and expect their CEO to take a stand on societal issues). 

  • What the skill set of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders should look like.

  • How leaders can create an active listening approach and why are they scared to do so. 

  • How line managers can be better supported and equipped to deliver on creating a great employee experience.   

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