Webinar: Benefits of Reverse Mentoring: The Ultimate Tool For Growth

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In the late 90’s a project was piloted which saw 500 Junior and Senior employees paired up as part of a ‘Reverse Mentoring’ (RM) scheme. The aim was to create mutually beneficial mentoring relationships where not only could Junior employees be learning from their Seniors and gaining valuable career development, but Senior employees could be educated and opened up to life experiences that differed from theirs, e.g. those from underrepresented backgrounds. Now being brought to light as a useful tool in the implementation of DE&I Strategies, we want to shed some light on this topic. 

Kashi Chellen (THI) sits down for a chat with Inclusivity Programme Manager, Amie Burke (IGD) and Shopper Solutions Analyst and Mentor Shabnam Golestani  (IGD) about their experiences with reverse mentoring. 

In this webinar we explore: 

  • What is ‘Reverse Mentoring’ and how one could put together an RM scheme? 

  • How would you match people with each other?

  • How does RM benefit both mentor and mentee, and how does this affect overall business output?

  • What are the key factors to consider when implementing this scheme? Boundaries, guidelines, best practice etc. 

  • Why does RM benefit DE&I and how to build this into the spine of your DE&I strategy

  • In what way this can affect employee engagement and happiness, impacting productivity.

  • Hearing from Shabnam the lived experience of being a Mentor in IGD’s Reverse Mentoring Scheme; key takeaways, benefits, drawbacks etc. 

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