Webinar: Creating Parental Pathways

New research highlights the real impact that having children has on women’s careers - just 24% of women go back full-time after having children, with 57% of them leaving within two years. Add to this that take-up of shared parental leave remains woefully low at 2% and it’s clear that organisations need to do more to create better career pathways for parents. 

Join Matt Phelan as he speaks to Jessica Heagren, Founder of That Works for Me, Emma Jarvis, Founder of Parent Promise Collective and Jane McKenna, Career Coach at Brilliant Me about: 

  • What the latest research reveals about what happens to women’s careers when they have children. 

  • Why the take up of shared parental leave remains so low.

  • Why organisations struggle to support new parents.

  • What support, training and policies organisations should put in place to support parents to ensure they maximise their talent pool and drive better employee engagement and happiness. 

  • What difference a reform of childcare provision in the UK could mak