Webinar: Neuroscience For HR

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To celebrate the launch of the new edition of 'The Neuro Edge', Clive Hyland our Head of Neuroscience was joined by Veronika Hofmann to ask what neuroscience means for the HR community. As a former HR Director, Clive is perfectly positioned to relate how neuroscience can help the HR profession meet the challenges of the future of work.

They discuss:

  • What's new about neuroscience and how it differs from psychology

  • How accessible neuroscience is as a tool to guide HR professionals

  • How HR professionals can use neuroscience to influence their company at board level

  • As both a former HR Director, COO and CEO, what Clive wishes he'd known about neuroscience at the time

  • Whether neuroscience can really be used in the daily practice of HR

  • What role neuroscience plays in creating thriving cultures

  • How neuroscience can influence strategies around remote working and returning to work

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 45 minutes

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