Webinar: The 15% Club - Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Approximately 15% of the population are neurodivergent, representing a significant proportion of existing staff, job applicants and customers

- Lexxic

So this Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we've teamed up with the Endless Inclusion Hub to bring you a multi lens perspective on how Neurodiversity filters through into everyday life for a large percentage of the population. 

Kashi Chellen (THI) sits down with Alicia McDonnell (CoOp), Helena Hills (TrueStart Coffee), Amie Burke (IGD) and Chris Glumart (Nisa) to discuss: 

  • What Neurodiversity, Neurodivergent and Neurotypical mean

  • What the challenges and triumphs the panel are faced with in daily life

  • What your experience is like as a Neuropdivergent person, an Ally, a Parent/Carer etc. 

  • How organisations can be supportive and help create an enriching and inclusive environment. 

  • Tips for HR, DE&I, and People teams in understanding Neurodiversity.