Webinar: Managing Employee Activism: Channel Your Employee Voice

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From Brewdog to Facebook to Activision Blizzard, globally employees are becoming more vocal in using their voice. Whether it’s about their culture, pay and conditions, leaders, harassment, discrimination or sustainability, employees are increasingly holding their organisations to account, empowered and mobilised by social media. With this trend set to grow globally it gives rise to new and distinct risks for employers. So, how can organisations manage employee activism, and learn to listen and channel their employee voice as a force for good? 

We'll be Exploring:

  • What the risks are in not listening to your employees? Legal, business, security, reputational. 

  • Whether channelling employee voice requires a change in leadership style? 

  • If employee activism can be a positive force for change. And in what ways. 

  • How we can facilitate open two way dialogue with employees 

  • Whether we should extend employee voice to include those who may not be employees e.g. casual workers, volunteers, and agency staff.

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 35 minutes.