Webinar: How Men Can Form Meaningful Relationships in The Workplace

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Watch Our Webinar

Have a watch of this insightful chat between our Co-Founder Matt Phelan and one of the UK’s youngest lecturers, Lewis Wedlock, who was also named one of the West of England's most influential people under 30! Both Matt and Lewis recently spoke at the TedXBrighton 2022 conference and their knowledge and experience on this really important topic is captivating.

This webinar looks to help us understand:  

  • Unpicking internalised toxic masculine ideals, and how to begin dismantling the societal expectations of men. 

  • How being vulnerable, expressing emotions and admitting to things such as loneliness can help to form meaningful relationships in the workplace. 

  • The ways in which the above can impact the development and productivity of men in the workplace.

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 60 minutes.

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