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Webinar: ESG And The Role of HR (50 Mins)

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ESG (environmental, social and governance) has risen to the top of boardroom agendas to become a key strategic focus. But what exactly is ESG and what is the role of HR in delivering an organisation's ESG agenda? 

Matt Phelan is joined by:

  • Kevin Withane, Founder, Diversity X

  • Emily Balcombe, ESG Coordinator, YouGov

  • Greg Allen, Partner, TPA Capital

To discuss:

  • What Is ESG? Is it the same as CSR or different in some way?

  • Why is ESG growing in prominence?

  • Do higher ESG scores translate into better business performance?

  • How do investors measure the performance of organisations using ESG scores?

  • Why is ESG relevant to HR leaders?

  • How are an organisation’s people strategies measured using ESG metrics?

  • Looking specifically at cultural health how is this measured and why are employee engagement and happiness important metrics?

  • Is it possible to find comparable ESG metrics on people data?

  • Does ESG present HR with an opportunity to improve the future of work?

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 50 minutes.