Webinar: Disability Pride: Making Happiness Accessible

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With only just over half of the UK’s disabled population in employment, the disability employment gap remains stubbornly large. How can organisations change this and ensure that their workplace is as accessible as possible whilst creating a culture that enables the happiness and engagement of the disabled community? Join Matt Phelan, as he speaks to award-winning CEO and Founder of Unhidden Clothing, TEDx speaker and all around legend, Victoria Jenkins, to discuss: 

  • What are the key drivers of happiness and engagement?

  • How large is the disabled community and who is considered to be disabled?

  • How can we best make our workplaces more accessible and inclusive to enable the disabled community to bring their best selves to work?

  • How can HR and internal communications teams approach handling sensitive information surrounding someone's disability to create a culture where everyone can thrive.

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 45 minutes.

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