Webinar: Neurodiversity: Creating an Autism Friendly Workplace

Neurodiversity: Creating an autism friendly workplace - webinar banner

How can organisations create a more neuro-inclusive environment? We explored this topic during inclusion week, with a particular focus on creating an autism friendly workplace. 

Matt Phelan was joined by:

  • Nat Hawley, Head of Community at Exceptional Individuals

  • Lucy Bond, Head of HR, UK at Man Group

To discuss:

  • What is autism and how many people in the UK are autistic? 

  • What are the main challenges autistic people face around employment?  

  • What are the strengths that autistic people can bring to organisations? 

  • Are there jobs that are more suited to neurodivergent individuals?

  • What considerations should organisations take into account in their recruitment process? 

  • Following their recruitment, how can organisations create a culture and put in place support that enables autistic people to thrive? 

  • What’s the best way to listen to and understand how autistic people are feeling at work? 

  • Should organisations train managers and team members to understand autism? If so, how? 

  • Do you have any top tips for other HR people who want to create an inclusive environment for neurodivergent people? 

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