Webinar: How to Analyse & Understand Your Employee Feedback Data

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The global pandemic has opened Pandora's box of emotions in the workplace. It's created a burning appetite for change for HR teams. It's also helped leaders recognise that to succeed in attracting and retaining talent, they need to really listen and show empathy to their people. We look at how organisations can analyse and understand employee feedback at scale for both quantitative and qualitative emotional data.

Tony Latter is joined by:

  • Michelle Tracy, HR Director, Wine and Spirits Education Trust

  • Rosanna Bull, Senior Customer Success Manager, The Happiness Index

To discuss how you can:

  • Easily analyse and make sense of your data in real-time

  • Break down data silos and understand your entire employee experience

  • Analyse emotional data

  • Present employee feedback data to your leadership team

  • Turn insights from your employees into action in your people strategy

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 45 minutes.