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Here at Happiness HQ, we feel very strongly about human connection

We may specialise in technology but we love nothing more than going out and meeting people – so if we have to host our own events, roundtables and workshops to achieve this – then so be it! Discover what events are coming up next and check out some of our previous ones to inspire you to sign up to future events and join The Happiness Revolution!

happiness &

Introducing The Holy Grail of happiness events…Happiness & Humans!

This is our annual conference to bring together like-minded People Leaders and wellbeing, engagement and workplace cultures ambassadors. You can expect unique and fascinating insight from our wide range of business, psychology and wellbeing experts to give you all the jaw-dropping stats and key takeaways you need for the coming year.

Here’s a vid from last year’s Happiness and Humans event:

Click here to see more highlights from last year’s event


Workplace Insights and Learnings just for YOU

Enjoy some key learnings and relevant business, wellbeing and happiness-related discussions that will provide you with key learnings and strategies for success.

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During the covid-19 period we’re hosting weekly virtual “HR in ya PJs” sessions for HR professionals who want to share ideas and support. Register to attend.

Our roundtables are a fun and social way to bring people to our community and create networks where people can help solve problems, learn from each other and just make friends!

The Happiness Index Breakfast Happy Smiles
The Happiness Index Breakfast Roundtable Event

If you’d like to attend one of our regular breakfast roundtables then please contact rosey@thehappinessindex.com or call +44 (0) 203 925 4020