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We’re proud to launch our new Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Survey – Equality of Voice! Recent global events have once again highlighted how far we must go to create a level playing field for all humans. So we went back to the drawing board with an expert panel to create a new survey. Our data consistently informs us that to be happy, employees need to feel that they have a voice and truly belong in their organisation. Equality of Voice is a pre-built survey that uses a neuroscience-based methodology to ensure this becomes a reality!

By allowing all employees to safely and anonymously share their feelings and emotions on diversity, inclusion and belonging, we empower leaders to really listen and begin to build the trust required to create a thriving culture for everyone!

why is this
so important?

The problem with many previous diversity and inclusion surveys is that they “Just count”…

They forget to measure the emotions and everyday experience of individuals. The data shows us that they simply haven’t worked. Despite years of talk and the proliferation of diversity and inclusion roles being created in organisations – the needle just isn’t moving.

The number of black professionals in leadership roles has increased just 0.1% since 2014, the median national average gender pay gap in 2019 remained 17.3% and we continue to see inherent unfairness built into our pay and reward systems.

built from
expert insight

We enlisted the help of an expert steering committee to design and test Equality of Voice:

  • Margot Slattery: Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Sodexo
  • Shereen Daniels: Managing Director HR rewired
  • Kevin Withane: Group Ethics and Compliance Director
  • Clive Hyland: Head of Neuroscience, The Happiness Index
  • Gemma Shambler: Head of People, The Happiness Index

the overview

  • Our steering committee created a simple 7-question-survey that enables your employees to share their feelings around Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.
  • Focussing on neuroscience-based questions to begin the listening phase, we provide an anonymous platform that enables people of all backgrounds to feel safe enough to use their voice.
  • This will empower you to create positive change to ensure equality becomes central within your organisation.
  • Recipients can use either a generic link or be emailed.
  • You will have access to the standard PDF reports and dashboard.
  • You can view your results according to different demographic groups whilst ensuring employee anonymity.
  • Filters include: Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Length of Service, Religion, and Sexual Orientation.

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