Freedom to breathe

Rosey Jarvis | 10th June 2020

It’s been a long, emotional rollercoaster few weeks watching everything going on back home in Minneapolis with George Floyd protests and the video of Amy Cooper in New York. I wanted to find a better way to stand up for the injustices going on besides just signing petitions, donating, making phone calls etc.

I was lucky to be connected with HR expert, Shereen Daniels after she released a really honest video of how she is feeling through all of this. Click here to see Shereen’s video.

She took the time to let me ask her 3 questions and I just listened

The Questions I posed to Shereen

  1. What would you say to white people/non-black people who want to say something but don’t because they don’t know what to say?
  2. What advice would you give to business leader, today?
  3. What can colleagues of black employees do to show support and stand in solidarity?

Disclaimer (Shereen’s words)

  • “This interview will be tough to watch at times.”
  • “I pull no punches.”
  • “And there will be times you will want to press pause.”
  • “I urge you to push through your discomfort and keep watching.”
  • “Get your leadership team to watch this.”
  • “Get your employees to watch this.”
  • “You cannot continue to turn a blind eye.”
  • “You have got to pick a side.”  

The purpose of this video is to give Shereen a voice to address UK businesses and for us to listen and learn from her.


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