Download: Awareness Calendar 2024

2024 awareness calendar banner

We've pulled together this useful Awareness Day Calendar to help HR and People teams with yearly planning for your organisation.

Our calendar contains all the key dates for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Wellbeing days in 2024.

Use this calendar to:

  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Help foster an inclusive environment

  • Prevent organisational events from clashing with important festivals

  • Encourage general wellbeing

  • Improve awareness of mental health

Celebrate the diverse communities, cultures & faiths within your organisation!

We know how important it is to include and celebrate everyone within your organisation, that's why we've compiled all the key dates from the UK's most popular religions and most celebrated wellbeing dates for 2024.

From Christmas, Hanukkah and Ramadan through to Pride Month and Mental Health Awareness Week... Our calendar has it all.

Download the calendar today!