Short Read: The Business Case For Employee Engagement & Happiness

The business case for employee engagement and happiness - eBook cover

The Business Case For Happiness & Engagement:

Get Buy-In From Your Leadership

So you’re convinced you need an employee engagement and happiness measurement platform? Excellent!

Often we find the biggest barrier is getting buy-in from your organisation, particularly leadership. This short guide will help you create a business case for The Happiness Index and get boardroom buy-in.


  1. Improve Staff Performance/Boost Employee Engagement

  2. Attract & Retain Talent

  3. Improve Employee Wellbeing & Reduce Sick Days

  4. Future-Proof Yourself as a Conscious Employer

  5. It’s a Legal Requirement

  6. Link Happiness With Productivity

  7. Positively Impact Employee & Customer Satisfaction

  8. Improve Profits

  9. It's The Right Thing to do For Your People