Ebook: The Power of Data

The power of data - eBook cover

Future-Proof Your Organisation: The Power of Data

For many HR teams, data analysis doesn't come easily. This eBook takes a simple, jargon-free approach to leading you through your people data. Our no-nonsense guide takes you from data collection to visualisation and shows you how our platform can help you make the most of your feedback surveys.

Within these pages we have included tips to help busy HR professionals like you understand their data and use it effectively and efficiently. 


Section 1: Understanding Your Data

  1. Data Terms For HR Specialists

  2. What Data Should You be Looking at?

  3. How Much Data do You Need?

  4. Measuring Happiness & Engagement in a Global Context

Section 2: Improving Your Data

  1. Benchmarking

  2. Pre-Built Surveys

  3. Variables

  4. Cross-Theme Analysis

  5. Close The Feedback Loop