October 2014: Reinvesting In Development

Tony Latter | 7th October 2014

As our clients are aware we’re committed to improving the usability and analytics of The Happiness Index and we’re delighted to announce the latest developments to go live:

1. A display box showing the average score for the data you are looking at.

2. The ability to order respondents by score, e.g. ranking from highest to lowest and vice versa.

3. Additional information to display context and show whether a respondent is trending up, down or neutral.

Screen Shot

4. Within the ‘Trends’ section we’ve added an ‘Action Log’ so you can capture notes, create actions and monitor the impact of your action plans:

Screen shot 1

5. On The Happiness Index invite we’ve added a tick box, which when ticked allows the respondent to provide anonymous feedback. You will still see their scores, comments and filter information, but instead of showing you who the respondent is, the platform will display ‘User’ followed by a number, e.g. ‘User 795’.

6. Within the ‘Trends’ section you now have the ability to quickly analyse a respondent’s score across multiple campaigns, e.g. you may wish to have campaign 1 monitoring staff happiness e.g. ‘On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you as an employee of XYZ ltd?’ and campaign 2 monitoring a stress at work campaign, e.g. ‘On a scale of 1-10 how effective do you think the recent stress at work campaign has been?’:

Results for campaign 1 (staff happiness):

Screen shot 2

Click on the campaign drop down, select Campaign 2 (stress at work) and click on view:

Screen shot 3

This loads the data for Campaign 2 (stress at work):

Screen shot 4

Straight away you can tell campaign 1 (happiness campaign) has an average score of 6.7, but campaign 2 (effectiveness of stress at work campaign) has a score of 9. You now know the stress at work campaign is being effective and you need to concentrate efforts on driving staff happiness. This can be done by creating action plans and using The Happiness Index score for campaign 1 (happiness campaign) as a barometer to measure whether the action plans are having a positive impact.

There are more product developments planned for the coming months, such as:

  • The creation of an admin panel which will give you more control over the administration of your Happiness Index site, e.g. creation of different campaigns, edit user details, data downloads and much more.
  • The ability to see high level trends for your filters at the click of a button.
  • Generating your own PDF reports directly from the platform.

More details will be communicated once the developments have been released.

As always if you have any suggestions on product development please get in touch via or website or twitter @happinessindex1