The Happiness Index: The latest in Disruptive Technology

Tony Latter | 5th October 2014

What is Disruptive Technology?

It’s a technology that shakes up its market or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry, e.g. the PC displaced the typewriter, forever changing the way we work and email has transformed the way we communicate.


So how is The Happiness Index disrupting the existing feedback industry?


We all need a pulse to survive … including your business:

A regular ‘pulse’ of stakeholder feedback allows you to develop and grow your business based on the thoughts of those that matter the most. The Happiness Index provides you with a stress free and convenient way to administer and analyse your feedback.

Simplicity without losing effectiveness:

There is a fine line between gaining valuable information and encouraging strong participation rates. The Happiness Index asks one question and allows for comments meaning it takes an individual no more than 30 seconds to respond. This has resulted in our participation rates being above the industry average, whilst using both quantitative and qualitative data ensures asking one question doesn’t impact on the quality of information you receive.

Speed is of the essence:

In today’s modern world can your business afford to waste time? That’s why The Happiness Index uses real time data. Gone are the days of producing a survey and waiting weeks, if not months for the results. The Happiness Index allows you to see responses as soon as an individual submits their score, meaning you can keep your finger on the pulse and react quickly where necessary.

Innovative Analytics:

Our analytics package is continuously developing and our innovative word cloud not only allows you to assess the key topics affecting your business, but unlike most word clouds it allows you to pinpoint where in your business these are key topics. This means you can quickly identify the trends in feedback allowing you to act on the risks and opportunities affecting your business.

The ultimate in flexibility:

Nobody knows your business better than you and that’s why we allow you to configure your Happiness Index to your business’ requirements. For example, ask the one question that’s important to your business, choose you own filters so you can cut the data in a way that means something to you and because The Happiness Index is cloud based you can access it from anywhere via mobile, tablet or PC.